Smooth Tweaks 1.2.2 | Magisk Module | Gaming Tweaks


With this magisk module you can make your device faster, more efficient and improve gaming performance and touch sample.


• Optimization of the module code, menu and its application.
• Profiles optimized.
• Package bg-dexopt-job by default.
• Mlbb unlock max Framerate in game.
• Single layer turn On only for A13.
• Dark gpu rendering for all Qcom devices.
• Dns cloudflare by default.
• Built in the latest SQlite.
• Nuked thermal-engine for Qcom devices.

Its a best magisk module for gaming tweaks and gaming performance. It contains a variety of features such as improved battery life, better CPU and GPU performance, improved RAM management, increased multitasking efficiency, performance optimization for games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile, overclocking capabilities for faster speed in-game and many more to provide the best overall gaming experience.

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