Evolution X v7.6.1 | Poco X3 Pro


Evolution X is a custom ROM that has gained popularity among Android users for its sleek design and impressive features. In this review, we will take a closer look at the latest version of Evolution X and assess its performance, stability, and suitability for daily use.


One of the key selling points of Evolution X is its speed and performance. The latest version of the ROM builds upon its previous iterations with new optimizations, improved memory management, and faster app loading times. We found that apps launched quickly and ran smoothly, even with multiple apps open in the background. Benchmark tests also showed that the ROM performed well, delivering fast and responsive performance.


Stability is crucial for a custom ROM, and Evolution X delivers on this front. We did not encounter any crashes or major bugs during our testing, and the ROM is generally reliable for daily use. The developers have focused on ironing out any issues, and the result is a stable and dependable ROM.

Daily Usage:

For daily use, Evolution X is a great choice. The ROM is customizable and offers a range of features that can enhance the user experience. From customization options like themes and icon packs to advanced features like always-on display and gesture navigation, Evolution X is packed with features that can make daily use more enjoyable. Battery life is also good, with our testing showing that the ROM can deliver a full day’s use with moderate to heavy usage.

In conclusion, Evolution X is a solid custom ROM that delivers excellent performance, stability, and features. If you are looking for a reliable and customizable ROM for your Android device, Evolution X is definitely worth considering.

CPU Throttling Test

With stock DeathRhythm kernel CPU throttle of Evolution X v7.6.1 is about 85% with max 187,463 GIPS and Min 151,470 GIPS at 77C CPU temperature. You can change custom rom for better results as well.

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